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The present privacy policy applies to websites owned and operated by the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership (“PQDS”), specifically,,, (the “Websites”).


The PQDS recognizes the importance of respecting privacy and of protecting the personal information in its possession.

To that end, the PQDS implements security measures designed to ensure the protection of Personal Information throughout its Life Cycle. These measures are designed to be reasonable given, among other things, the sensitivity of the Personal Information, the purpose for which it is used, its quantity, its location and its storage medium, as detailed in the PQDS Policy on the Protection of Personal Information.


The PQDS uses Google Analytics in order to measure and analyse audiences and visits on the Websites.

With the use of cookies stored on your device, Google Analytics collects information on users’ navigation on some or all of the pages on the Websites. This information is used for statistical purposes in order to improve users’ experience.

The user information collected by Google Analytics includes:

  • The user’s IP address (truncated);
  • The user’s Internet Service Provider;
  • The user’s operating system (e.g. Mac OS, Windows);
  • The type and model of device used (e.g. iPhone 13);
  • The type, language, version and other information about the user’s web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox);
  • The user’s location;
  • The domain name of the previous website visited;
  • The user’s entry point to the site (e.g. email link, social media link);
  • Data respecting the pages viewed on the Website (e.g. the navigation sequence, interactions with page elements, date, time, duration and frequency of visits and activities [e.g. clicks, scrolling]).

The data collected by Google Analytics is stored in the United States. It may be shared with third parties, particularly for the processing of the information by Google or for legal compliance reasons. For more information on Google’s collection, handling and protection of personal information, see

It is possible to block cookies by clicking “Reject all” on the banner that pops up on the user’s first visit to the Websites, but this may have a negative impact on the navigation experience.


The PQDS uses marketing tracking tools, known as tracking pixels, associated with certain social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and X, on certain pages of the Websites. These tools allow the PQDS to know whether users perform certain actions during their visit. For example, if a user shows an interest in a topic by visiting a particular section of one of the Websites, the PQDS may use this information to serve targeted advertising. The user may therefore receive targeted advertising from the PQDS during their use of social media sites.

For more information on the Meta pixel (Facebook and Instagram), visit

For more information on the X (formerly Twitter) pixel, visit tracking-for-websites/about-conversion-tracking.html


The Websites contain links to other websites that belong to third parties and are therefore not managed by the PQDS.

Clicking on these links may enable third parties to collect users’ personal information. These third parties have their own privacy policies and the PQDS cannot be held responsible for any deficiencies of such policies with respect to compliance with laws governing the protection of privacy and personal information.


By using the Websites, users consent to the collection and handling of their personal information in a manner consistent with the present policy.


Any questions regarding the present policy must be sent by email to the person responsible for the protection of personal information at the PQDS:

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